On behalf of the company that was revamping its staff and reconstructing its entire layout. The organization needed transition communications plan from its stakeholders to its employees so the transition will be smooth and not cause any additional problems

​​Corporate Record

Advised a large firm during their merger negotiations and handled all of the background research needed in order to make an informed decision.

On behalf of large hedge fund company located in New York, one of the owners was involved in a legal case that was right in the public eye. A plan was put in place to move all articles as far away from the first page possible and statements prepared for current and future clients.

Laid out a full prevention plan for a company having issues with cyber security. The company has been hacked several times causing the trust barrier for potential clients to join its organizations, therefore, developing a communications plan and crisis plan that would explain any issues and sure confidence in its clients.

A corporate client in New York contacted us to develop a crisis plan and needed it to be established for its employees in the event of a shooting. The plan was also to cover the updating of security cameras and evacuation plans.

Famous fashion designer in Florida was being extorted.  designer charge to client $1.5 million for services. the client agreed and later went on a campaign slandering the designer amongst colleagues and magazines, stating that the service was horrible. He mentioned that the only way he will stop would be if paid. We were called in to handle this case quietly and quickly and we accomplished our mandate.