In a very large and public legal case are job was to be the liasion to media and protect the reputation of the family involved in the case.

We handled the advanced investigation for a case where the information was hard to obtain from a normal private investigator. It was legally obtained and provided allowing the attorneys to do their jobs with all the needed information.

In a case a year ago, the attorney was not sure whether or not the client was telling the truth. Therefore we were hired to perform a service of advanced witness veracity, which is to interrogate the client and study his or her body language and pick apart the story. We provided a very detailed analysis and report, letting the law firm know that the client was lying.

​Our strong profiling skills allowed us to support the picking of the jury that allowed our client to walk away innocent.

​​ Legal Record

In a recent high-profile corporate case are our job was to go back and review the evidence, guide the defense and prep the client for testimony. The testimony was said to either destroy our client's reputation or the company and with our guidance neither happened.

 For an attempted murder trial in a Midwest State. We guided the defense and poked holes in the prosecution case taking the potential verdict from 30 years down to two (2).