Reality star personality on a popular TV show being slandered and harassed by other co-hosts and was later being forced out of this contract by the producers. Our firm reviewed those contracts and leveraged information in order to keep our client on the show with a stronger agreement.

Concert series on the military base where celebrity artist was set to perform under contract but decided not to show up. Our client asked that we save her reputation with the military commanders, as well as prep the lawsuit against the artist and management for breach of contract while making sure everything stays out of the public eye.

Entertainment Record


Independent company partners with a larger corporation to host an event catering to a very specific demographic. Contracts, outlines, and negotiations were to be prepped. Major breaches were prevented due to our firm's attention to detail. 

A Twitter feud between two celebrities, one happened to be a client, turns into gay slurs being thrown out from one party to the next. We took a pivot and utilized that attack as an opportunity to put our client in the best light in the media and public and then got him out of the country to make sure no other problems were caused.