The Crisis management Firm: who are we? 


Farley & Associates,Formerly B. Clark Farley & Associates LLC, is a crisis management firm that has been in business over a decade with 100 plus years experience in political and legal crisis management. We have been handling crisis pr behind the scenes for politicians, athletes, celebrities, corporations, law firms and average citizens. Our services as an advanced crisis expert/fixer has also been used by employees of the Department of Defense to handle certain military issues. Something most crisis management companies cannot say.

"Combined 100+ years experience in crisis management, government relations, corporate, entertainment and private sector issues."

As legal crisis expert/fixer, we have provided many services to high-end and independent law firms all over the country, services include; litigation communication, witness veracity, trial prep, jury selection, government level investigation, and much more. We have a track record of helping entertainers, politicians, criminal defendants, government officials responding to terrorism etc. Services also include crisis management, and the ability to supplement strategy in legal and nonlegal settings such as press and lobbying. To date, Farley & Associates has a high success level on all its cases for our clients.  Farley & Associates has aided in the elections of two Governors, six Senators, and five Congressmen, so our political support is like no other.